The origins of Erva are not to well known. According to Avalistism, the world started when Ona, grieved by the damage done to Hevim by Kuvakar and his spawn (causing him to banish them), wanted to make a world where beings are not infinite, but mortal, and forces are balanced. Doing so, he built the Universe, starting with the void of blackness, then the

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Seen here is a picture of two of Erva's continents known as Ovinium (left) and Aketa (right).

physics and laws of the Universe, then the stars, and finally the planets. However, Ona did this hastily, and did not care much about the form of his worlds. When he examined his creation, he was horrified by the barren, inhospitable worlds that filled it. So, he decided to restart, and include worlds that he would percieve as more beautiful and interesting. He began his work, and for days he worked with effort on these special planets. He finally came to a halt, deciding to build one more of these "life-filled" worlds. He very carefully crafted the world he decided to call 'Erva'. He then gave it his breath of life, causing it to fill up with masses of blue shining water, then trees and plants, and finally, sentient life. However, because these creatures had to apply to the laws of the new universe, they acted stupid, working only with their instincts and nothing else. Ona decided that he would build species that would be able to think freely without the contrl of instincts. He started off with humans, or, mankind. After this, he went on to build the boscans, dragons, argonians, dwarves, elves, zamboglians, and all other free-thinking beings living on Erva to this day.