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Think about another world. A world where the world we lived on was different. Where we KNEW gods existed. Where we didn't need science. We didn't know science. Where magic existed. Things were different...extraordinary. But with good, there is its counter of evil. Things of horridness and darkness creep amongst shadows of the night. And in the day, they hunt the living as they live their daily lives. This world is not ours. It is not normal. And most certainly, it is not of our universe. It is of another. It is ERVA.

NOTICE: This is a site for a fictional storyline that is of no movie, book, game, etc. It is of the ideas from a creative group of men. Some images may be of a separate source and not ours. Image source and or series shall be cited if this is the case. Please do not copy off of our series. If you are to use our series for something, please inform us.

What is all of this?...Edit

My friends and I like to make up stories. Originally, our ideas surronded a post-modern Earth where warfare had caused it to be divided by the leaderships of different governments in the year 2512. When it began to cause argument, I brought up the idea that we start a fantasy based storyline. So we did, and we made possibly one of our greatest stories of all. This is the story of Erva, a seperate world where we decide the fate of the future.

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